Basic Info:

Windows 10 Pro RS3 Privacy and Perfromance Edition By SasNet

This operating system is based on Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x32-x64 Redstone 3 RTM Lite Clean By SasNet

Original Microsoft ISO Image from MSDN 
(Redstone 3 1709 Build 16299.15 RTM)

* NO additional programs and software added.

* NO serial needed during installation, the key is already inserted.

* It's the original image from Microsoft except removes... It's just Windows without any kind of program from Microsoft.

* Is a trial version, 30 days. After this period, buying a valid license OR activate with a pirate software at your own risk.

Please report all bugs at

Know Bugs:
Display language not working as expected, by default is English. Keyboard language works fine.

How to install?
Burn iso to DVD or use USB Flash with Rufus

What's New?
- .net 3.5 is already preinstalled (350MB)
- .net 4.7 is already preinstalled
- Security Update KB4048955 from 14 November 2017 is already preinstalled
- Block some dns from microshit prevent spying from "hosts"
- Skype ads are blocked.
- Remove/Disabled some services to block spying
- Added some registry to block Telemetry Tracking
- Connected User Experience and Telemetry is deleted
- Feedback is deleted/disabled
-  Ads ID and Notification is Disabled
- Insider is deleted
- Windows Update is deleted
- Windows Search is disabled
- Background intelligent transfer is disabled
- Bluetooth is disabled
- Game DVR Broadcasting is disabled
- Disk Derag is disabled,If you want to defrag. please activate the Optimize drives service
- Display language is only in ENGLISH! But keyboard language having all languages.
- Drivers is untouched.

**All Disabled services can be activated from services if you want!**
This operating system is fully already optimizated. Install your drivers and run your favourite software's or/and games!

System Req:

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC
RAM: 768 megabyte (MB) for 32-bit or 1 GB for 64-bit
Hard disk space: 6 GB for 32-bit OS 7 GB for 64-bit OS(Used Disk)
Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
Display: 800x600

Not working and NEVER working because is lite iso:

-Windows Search (Cortana)! You have search box in every opened window.





-Updates (This is a reason why sasnet make a new version every 8-12 months)

Please Read:
- This iso image contains only Windows 10,Edge,Media Player,Firewall,Notepad and Paint.

- If you receive error 0x80300024 when you try to install this operating system please disconnect all hard and all ssd. After you have installed the operating system can connect.

- The dmwappushservice service could not be disabled. Because it made an error while installing the operating system! Please disable it manually after installation.

Remove List:

Features - Multipoint Connector
Features - Printing LPR Port Monitor
Features - Printing Internet Printing
Features - Remote Access Connection
Features - XPS Viewer and Printer
Features - Printing LPD
Features - Printing Fax and Scan
Features - Windows Search (Only Disabled)
Features - Windows Update

Services - AllJoyin Router Service
Services - Beep Service
Services - BitLocker Drive Encryption Service
Services - Block Level Backup Engine Service
Services - Bluetooth Support Service (Only Disabled)
Services - BranchCache Service
Services - Contact Data Service
Services - Geolocation Service
Services - Microsoft Passport Service
Services - Microsoft Passport Container Service
Services - Phone Service
Services - Printer Support Services (Start only manually)
Services - Remote Desktop Configuration Service (Start only manually)
Services - Remote Desktop Service (Start only manually)
Services - Smart Card Services
Services - Spot Verifier Service (Start only manually)
Services - Superfetch Service
Services - Telephony Service (Start only manually)
Services - Wallet Service
Services - Windows Backup Service (Start only manually)
Services - Windows Defender Service
Services - Windows Defender Security Center Service
Services - Windows insider Program Service (Start only manually)
Services - Windows SMS Router Service (Start only manually)
Services - Windows Store Service
Services - Xbox Accesory
Services - Xbox Game
Services - Xbox Live Auth/Game/Networking
Services - Diagnostic Tracking Service
Services - Messaging Service
Services - Windows Backup Service
Services - Windows Insider Program Service

Accessories - Action Center
Accessories - Briefcase
Accessories - Character Map
Accessories - Continuum
Accessories - Disk Image Burning Tool
Accessories - Ease Of Acces
Accessories - Help and Support
Accessories - Memory Diagnostics
Accessories - Mobile Boardband SMS
Accessories - Private Character Editor
Accessories - Recovery Drive Creator
Accessories - Screen Magnifier
Accessories - Screen Reader
Accessories - Snipping Tool
Accessories - Spell Checking
Accessories - Steps Recorder
Accessories - Tablet PC
Accessories - Webcam Experience
Accessories - Welcome Center
Accessories - Windows Contacts
Accessories - Windows Mail
Accessories - Wordpad
Accessories - Zip

Control Panels - Action Center
Control Panels - Backup and Restore
Control Panels - Credential Manager
Control Panels - Ease Of Acces
Control Panels - History Vault
Control Panels - HomeGroup
Control Panels - Infrared
Control Panels - Mobility Center
Control Panels - Pen and Touch
Control Panels - Phone and Modem
Control Panels - Recovery
Control Panels - Sync Center Folder
Control Panels - Tablet PC
Control Panels - Windows Defender
Control Panels - Workspaces Center

Modern UI Apps - 3D Builder
Modern UI Apps - 3D Print
Modern UI Apps - 3D Viewer
Modern UI Apps - App Connector
Modern UI Apps - Bing Finance
Modern UI Apps - Bing Food and Drink
Modern UI Apps - Bing Health and Fitness
Modern UI Apps - Bing News
Modern UI Apps - Bing Sports
Modern UI Apps - Bing Travel
Modern UI Apps - Bing Weather
Modern UI Apps - Bio Enrollment
Modern UI Apps - Camera
Modern UI Apps - Communication Applications
Modern UI Apps - Connect
Modern UI Apps - Contact Support
Modern UI Apps - Cortana
Modern UI Apps - Desktop App Installer
Modern UI Apps - Get Help
Modern UI Apps - Get Started
Modern UI Apps - Messaging
Modern UI Apps - Microsoft WIFI
Modern UI Apps - My People
Modern UI Apps - Office Hub
Modern UI Apps - One Connect
Modern UI Apps - One Note
Modern UI Apps - Paint 3D
Modern UI Apps - Parental Controls
Modern UI Apps - PDF Support
Modern UI Apps - People
Modern UI Apps - Phone
Modern UI Apps - Purchase
Modern UI Apps - Print 3D
Modern UI Apps - Retail Demo
Modern UI Apps - Skype
Modern UI Apps - Solitaire Collection
Modern UI Apps - Stick Notes
Modern UI Apps - Sway
Modern UI Apps - Wallet
Modern UI Apps - Windows Alarms
Modern UI Apps - Windows Defender
Modern UI Apps - Windows Feedback
Modern UI Apps - Windows Maps
Modern UI Apps - Windows Phone
Modern UI Apps - Windows Photos
Modern UI Apps - Windows Sound Recorder
Modern UI Apps - Windows Store
Modern UI Apps - Xbox App
Modern UI Apps - Windows Live Games
Modern UI Apps - Zune Music
Modern UI Apps - Zune Video

Multimedia - Biometry Face Recognition
Multimedia - Biometry Finger Print
Multimedia - Broadcast Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
Multimedia - Force Feedback
Multimedia - Miracast
Multimedia - Mobile PC
Multimedia - Photo Gallery Viewer
Multimedia - Photo Viewer
Multimedia - Speech

Network - Geolocation
Network - OneDrive
Network - Remote Assistance
Network - Remote Desktop Quick Assist
Network - Smart Screen

Tweaks - Enable Notepad to open nfo files
Tweaks - Desktop Add My PC Shirtcut
Tweaks - Desktop Add User Documents Shortcut
Tweaks - Desktop Hide Popup Help Tips
Tweaks - Desktop Save User Customized Settings
Tweaks - Explorer Remove Burn
Tweaks - Explorer Disable Recently Ipened Programs List
Tweaks - Explorer Disable User Tracking
Tweaks - Explorer Hidden System Files
Tweaks - Explorer Disable Open File Security Warning Removal
Tweaks - Explorer Recent Document History (Delete on Exit)
Tweaks - Explorer Recent Document History (Do Not Save)
Tweaks - Explorer Hidden System Files (Hide)
Tweaks - Explorer Remove Homegroup From Navigation Pane
Tweaks - Explorer Remove OneDrive from Navigation Pane
Tweaks - Explorer Remove Shortcut Arrow
Tweaks - Internet Explorer Do not Save Encrypted Pages to Disk
Tweaks - Internet Explorer Turn Off Location Sharing
Tweaks - Modern UI Cortana Disable
Tweaks - Modern UI Cortana Disable Search
Tweaks - Modern UI Defender Disable Real Time Protection
Tweaks - Modern UI Edge Disable Smart Screen
Tweaks - Modern UI Edge Use Dark Theme
Tweaks - Modern UI Settings Use Dark Theme
Tweaks - Start Menu Shortcuts Remove Music
Tweaks - Start Menu Shortcuts Remove Videos
Tweaks - Start mENU Shortcuts Remove Pictures
Tweaks - Sound Disable Startup Sounds
Tweaks - Sound Disable Auto System Sounds Leveling
Tweaks - System Block Negative DNS Entries
Tweaks - System Disable Automatic Defragmentation
Tweaks - System Disable Paging File
Tweaks - System Disable Paging Swap File
Tweaks - System Disable Superfetch,Prefetcher
Tweaks - System Disable User Account Control (UAC)
Tweaks - System Disable Windows Resource Protection
Tweaks - System Improve Disk Check Timeout
Tweaks - System Improve Shutdown Speed
Tweaks - System Disable Windows Tracking
Tweaks - Taskbar Disable Notification Center
Tweaks - Taskbar Disable Promotion of Notification Icons
Tweaks - Taskbar Disable Search Icon
Tweaks - Taskbar Use Small Icons
Tweaks - Delete Unneeded Editions
Tweaks - Delete Unneeded Files

Gray options in "settings" = disabled

Final Note:

You must know, everything is deleted can not put back!
We can not have all the functions in an lite iso.

Please do not bother me with this sh*t!

Last Update: 22 November 2017