Nov 22, 2017

Windows 10 Pro RS3 x32-x64 Privacy and Perfromance Edition By SasNet

Basic Info:

Windows 10 Pro RS3 Privacy and Perfromance Edition By SasNet

Win Lite SasNet

Click Here for Windows Lite Project By SasNet

8 comentarii:

  1. awesome release dude.
    fack microsoft spying ;)

  2. You do understand that (SASNET) you guyz provide the best Lite Windows. SASNET FTW!!!

  3. Sigh still removed touch screen drivers... please man make one that works with windows tablets...

    1. Sir? please understand once and for all, that I will not
      make this tablet operating system. Because it requires
      attention and other tests in addition, like all features and
      services that include tablet pc. It's not just about drivers,
      it's more complex stuff than you can imagine.
      I do not have a microsoft tablet to test.

  4. Omule, esti foarte tare.
    Bafta multa in tot ceea ce faci.
    Mersi pentru windows

  5. Thank you for all of your hard work. FRAK microshit and their orwellian spying BS.

  6. Hi Sir.. how to enable the preview pane for .docx and .pdf? there is no display of the documents files.. is there any services to enable?

    1. Hi,
      For doc / docx etc you need to use openoffice or libreoffice.
      Ford .pdf you need to use adobe reader or sumatra.
      Any software from microsoft that is integrated into
      windows 10 is spyware!!!


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