Today you will see the showcase of Windows 11 Pro Lite by SasNet.
It is a truly clean/lite Windows 11, unlike other anonymous projects that pretend that they are safe and secure Operating Systems, like Tiny or Spectre for example.
This Windows 11 can be marked as Lite, Clean, Light, Tiny, Minimal, Compact, Debloat.
Since 2009 when I started this project and until now I have offered all versions for free (since Windows XP all the way to 10) and you can download them from here.
Unfortunately, Windows 11 Lite will not be free, but you can pre-order it at a special price until March 1st 2023.
We will return with details and remove/tweaks logs after the release, as we used to.
Full and transparent details and orders Here.
If you pre-order it until March 1, 2023, you get a discount, the price is only $6. After the launch, the price increases to $10.

This video is stricly informative and showcases my 7-month work. In this video you will see the presentation of my new project.
I always wanted to be different and offer a quality product, unlike other anonymous releases that only get praise.
For years you can find me on the following websites: www.sasnet.eu and www.sasnet.ovh.
Stay away from releases such as "Tiny" or "Gspectre" because they are vulnerable and they could contain malware or Spyware and, among that, you don't have a true Windows Lite, but an advertisement.
For a better life try to be different, stop believing in everyone that makes articles and videos for Tiny just for views.
I build custom and Lite images since 2009.
Thank you.


The operating system will be delivered by email in maximum 24H.