Below you will see the Showcase of Windows 11 23H2 Pro Clean/Lite by SasNet
This video is stricly informative and showcases my work. In this video you will see the presentation of my new project.

I always wanted to be different and offer a quality product, unlike other anonymous releases.
What is new?
- The operating system was updated to 23H2 v22631.2715.
- I kept Win Store which is necessary for installing another display language.
- Now you can also use your own Windows license key.
- Now you can install OneDrive without any changes.
- The Edge browser has been cleaned and now takes up less space.
- The Bluetooth Audio function has been improved.
- Other small changes.
Based on Microsoft ISO Image from Oficial Website
- Windows 11 23H2 (multi edition iso for x64 devices)
* NO serial needed during installation skipped by AutoUnattend file
* It's the original image from Microsoft except removes... It's just Windows without any kind of apps from Microsoft.
Know Bug:
- (22H2) Sometimes the lockscreen flickers, but it does not affect the stability of the system!(MS BUG)
How to install?
- Unzip
- Burn iso to DVD or use USB Flash Drive with Rufus or Ventoy
- Install
All Disabled services can be activated from services if you want!
In C:\ partition you can find a "Services Tweaks" folder to enable or disable what you use or don't use.
This operating system is fully already optimizated. Install your drivers and run your favourite software's or/and games!
Min. System Req:
- Processor: Single Core 2.5 GHz or faster
- RAM: 1.5 GB or more
- Hard disk space: 11 GB (Used Disk)
After installing the display language and Store apps, we recommend to run the "Disable Windows Update and Store" located in C:/ Services Tweaks.
Not working and NEVER working because is lite iso:
- Bitlocker
- Recovery
- Restore
- Rollback
- Backup
- Updates (SasNet make a new version at every major update).
Please Read:
- This iso image contains only Edge, Store, Settings, Calculator, Notepad, Paint, CMD, Run, Regedit, Terminal, Explorer, Control Panel, Firewall, Component Services, Computer Management, Performance/Resoruce Monitor, Services, SysConfig/Info, Task Manager, PowerShell and Search.
- This operating system is not ARM and does not support touchscreen devices. But you can order a custom iso.
- Our systems do not have any kind of protection, we recommend a free or paid real-time antivirus.
What are the important novelties of this release?
- It is the cleanest Windows 11 on the market.
- It is the most stable and tested Windows 11 on the Internet. (1 week of tests)
- Fast, clean, already optimized, no updates.
- It can be installed on any system, the specifications don't matter.
- We introduced 4 light applications for: Archives, Photos, Video, Music. (Default programs in .reg can be detects a false positive on AV)
- Search ads have been removed.
- Internet explorer and SMB have been removed.
- All startup applications have been deleted or stopped.
- Widget, Teams, Cortana and Win Security applications have been deleted.
- It can also be run on single core with 1.5 gb ram device.
- Disabled some pointless features such as: Turn off display/background apps, UAC, Action center, Admin Permission Prompt.

- There is no traffic monitored by Microsoft in "hosts" file. (Detects a false positive on AV)
- Added some registry to block the spying and Telemetry Tracking from Microsoft.
- Connected User Experience is deleted
- Ads ID and Notification is Disabled
- Let apps acces my name,picture and other account info is Disabled
- Let Windows collect my activities is Disabled
- Let Windows sync my activities to cloud is Disabled
- Let apps run in the background is Disabled
- Let apps acces my calendar is Disabled
- Let apss acces my call history is Disabled
- Let apps access my contacts is Disabled
- Let apps access and send emails is Disabled
- Send diagnostinc and usage data is Disabled
- Let Microsoft provide more tailored experiences with diagnostic data is Disabled
- Use diagnostic data viewer is Disabled
- Send feedback frequency is Disabled
- Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps is Disabled
- Let website provide locally relevant content by accessing my language list is Disabled
- Let windows track apps launches to improve start and search results is Disabled
- Show me suggested content in settings apps is Disabled
- Let apps read or send messages is Disabled
- Let apps access my notification is Disabled
- Allow apps to access pictures library is Disabled
- Allow acccess to phone calls for this device is Disabled
- Allow apps to send phone calls is Disabled
- Allow access to the radio for this device is Disabled
- Let apps control radios is Disabled
- Let apps access to my tasks is Disabled
- Allow apps to access videos library is Disabled
- Allow apps to use voice activation is Disabled
The Full Changelog/Tweaks can be found Here
Final Note:
- You must know, everything is deleted can not put back!
- We can not have all the functions in an lite iso.
- Before ordering, please read the Changelog.

Disclaimer: You can use this release for yourself, your family and your REAL LIFE friends for free, but it IS FORBIDDEN to distribute it on the Internet.
Current version: 22631.2715
Size: 2.37GB (22H2) / 2.99GB (23H2)
Last Update: 17 Dec. 2023(23H2)

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