Jan 17, 2016

Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP3 x86-x64 Clean Lite By SasNet

~~ Windows XP Pro x86-x64 Clean Lite By SasNet ~~

Win Lite SasNet

Click Here for Windows Lite Project By SasNet

10 comentarii:

  1. what different Clean with driver and only Clean?
    Are Clean with driver didnt need driver?

    1. Clean is only OS not more.
      With Drivers, is OS + Drivers and automatically detects and install.

  2. Hi Steve the link on clean with drivers not working and can you make new link please.

  3. Replies
    1. all windows cleaned by sasnet no needed serial key!
      read the facking description.

  4. thanks steve ,I'm like your lite system.

  5. thanks steve, i like your lite clean system.

  6. Help!
    I use this:

    1a. RMPrepUSB 2.1.739A
    1b. Easy2Boot 1.92
    2. YUMI-

    In Windows 7 & 10 from this site it works.
    But when I use this XP's iso, this error always occured:

    In Windows XP x86:
    - Setup cannot copy the file : firadisk.sys
    - Setup cannot copy the file : firadisk.inf
    - Setup cannot copy the file : firadi.cat

    In Windows XP x64:
    - Setup cannot copy the file : firadisk64.sys
    - Setup cannot copy the file : firadisk64.inf
    - Setup cannot copy the file : firadi64.cat

    In both setup:
    - Setup cannot copy the file : winvblock bla bla bla

    And when I skip that, on GUI I got fatal error and can't continue the installation.

    I hope your reply soon, dude!

    1. thanks for your feedback.
      for win xp 32 bit you need ONLY RUFUS.
      for win xp 64 bit you need ONLY WinSetupFromUSB-1-8.exe


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